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Labor Organizations

Bellows Associates, P.A. have specialized in serving the needs of Labor Organizations since 1984. Our client base is composed of primarily nonprofit clients; specifically tax exempt organizations. We have developed strong relationships with our Labor clients, providing numerous services including accounting, reporting and advisement services. Our commitment to best practices has led to streamlining auditing processes into a paperless workflow, which enhances and improves access to data.

Our staff members maintain a deep knowledge of the regulatory requirements of the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Auditing & Assurance

    • Financial Statements Audits
    • Audits under OMB Uniform Guidance
    • Program Specific Audits
    • Agreed-Upon Engagements
    • Internal Control Analysis Study
  • Tax and Regulatory

    • Preparation of Tax Returns
    • State and Local Tax Compliance
    • Unrelated Business Income Tax
    • U.S. Department of Labor Reporting
  • Forensic & Consulting Services

    • Forensic Audits
    • Fraud Examinations
    • Internal Control Reviews
  • Accounting & Financial Services

    • Audit Preparation
    • Financial Statement Preparation
    • General Accounting Services
    • Budget Preparation
  • Payroll Compliance

    • Agreed-Upon Engagements on Payroll of Participating Employers


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